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Vicki Haberman


User-Experience (UX) Strategist :: Digital Strategy, Business Analysis & User Testing

Vicki Haberman
Vicki has always approached life from a strategic perspective. In fact, the PhD from Georgia Tech focuses specifically on UX strategy and approach, mobile technology and universal/inclusive design. You can see how her childhood paved Vicki's career:

"I loved LEGOs® as a kid. The first thing I designed was my parent's mailbox after kids in the neighborhood knocked down the old one. My dad and I sat down with LEGOs® and came up with a model for a brick mailbox that matched the angular roofline of our house. As snail-mail turned into email, text messages and tweets, I moved on from mailboxes to interactive products and experiences."

Vicki is also what one might call a "joiner." She belongs to and in some cases participates on the board of every user experience group you can think of. She's also written multiple papers and given speeches at many conferences on the subject.

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