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Echo Visualization
  • It's not about us -- it's about you.

    We're not going to give you some cliché "Why we're different" story. We're not going to fling around words like ROI and "think outside the box." And we're definitely not going to send you on a wild-goose chase with our navigation that leads you to some slow-to-load fancy Flash site with symbolic imagery with self-congratulatory copy. We can definitely do those things if you want.

    What we are going to do is tell you about our interactive experience. We use best practices in everything including: user experience, digital media, development and implementation, animation, environments, industrial design and content.

    But, what you really need to know is what's in it for you. You need to see the benefits, the calls-to-action, and the thought leadership that will make your project a success. It's all here! In our work, in our articles, white papers and in our client testimonials.

    And now for our uncensored and clear as a bell: Philosophy.
    "EchoViz listened to our requests, shared their ideas, applied their knowledge and designed a unique, sophisticated interface."
    Stevi Barber, Executive Vice President
    Vumii Inc.

    BTW - Did you see how we caught your attention and then drove you into the content with strong calls-to-action, formatting and interesting copy? You probably didn't even notice our content had an SEO strategy written into it. And wow, wasn't this easy and pretty to look at and read and navigate through? If it isn't all those things, please tell us what you don't like. (See! We even want to engage our users and solicit their opinions to help us better our site.)

    Our disciplines.

    • Interaction Design
    • User-Experience Architecture
    • Iconography
    • Web and Software Design
    • Environment Design
  • Warning! This is not a mission statement!

    Rather than a convoluted, wordy statement, we'd like to present you with our thoughts about how we prefer to tackle projects.

    Do everything with excellence -- Our team is nothing more than a group of excellent thinkers, designers, developers and innovators. And everything we do is done with sheer, unadulterated excellence. We're talking about your projects here. As an added bonus, we also like to add our vision, integrity, flexibility and really excellent French Press coffee. Behold some examples of our excellence!

    Exude Smallishness -- Okay we know that's not really a word, but here's what we mean: in number, we are a smallish group of big thinkers who are happy to roll up our sleeves and do a little of everything around here. We will all touch your project at some point. We are just that multi-faceted! We also have a great network of partners who enhance and expand our inherent talents making us scalable to very large projects. Our smallish, no-red-tape, no BS culture is a really good thing for you and your projects -- it makes us flexible, eager and a lot happier to do your work. And we've kept our core team smallish for that very reason.

    Be Freakishly Devoted -- Quite simply, we love what we do. Wouldn't you rather have passionate people on your project? In fact, we are so devoted; we often morph into your users (just for the project, we're not that freaky.) Check out our process of getting into "devotion mode."
    "Working with EchoViz was a pleasure because they were willing to take on challenges. They have a real problem-solving attitude that complements their great creativity and attention to quality."
    Patrick Walker, Marketing Manager, InVUE
    Cooper Lighting

    BTW -- If you would like a typical mission statement (for whatever reason), here it is.
  • How we get into our work flow

    We all know that process is really dependent upon the project. That's not to say that we don't have a process, we do. In fact, our process is quite methodical. But rather than take you through a specific process, we wanted to describe what makes our process a little more unique.

    Our process centers around the theme of interaction. So not only do we follow a particular method, we interact. We pick each other's brains. We pick your brain. We pick the brains of our partners (better switch gears here or you might think we're zombies). We research users in depth. We try the unusual. We spend a lot of nights around the white board, drinking our excellent French Press coffee. We join groups of like-minded thinkers. We start our own groups of like-minded thinkers. And we stay on top of what's going on. One might even be so bold as to say we are "cutting edge". In fact, in some cases, we create the edge to cut. And now, check out the brains behind the picking.
    "Capable of impressive creative collaboration with timely execution to match."
    Brian Balmes, Director of Project Management
    Cooper Wiring Devices

    BTW -- You were probably expecting Power Point decks, diagrams and process flows. Don't get us wrong, we do those for clients, but it differs for each one. Nevertheless, if you want to see that stuff, click here.
  • The brains behind EchoViz

    When we first started EchoViz back in 2002, we wanted to make sure that our group was multi-talented, driven, unique and downright cool-to-be-around. We wanted to make sure that everyone could learn something from each other and that we could all work together and balance each other's strengths and weaknesses. And you know what? We accomplished our mission. We've got a team with over 50 years of experience, who are really fantastic. And we have a horizontal culture here, so we work with each other, not against each other. It feels good. If you work with us, you'll see exactly what we mean. Without further ado, meet EchoViz:
  • If it's interactive, we do it.

    We're all about the interactivity here at EchoViz. Our goal is to make sure your consumers actively participate in your media. Whether it's a website, an exhibit, or a product, we make sure that everyone has a satisfactory experience.

    Interactive Strategy
    This is kind of a big category, so it's best if we get a wee bit technical. Here's what we provide.

    Pull digital marketing -- We create and execute the strategy behind your customer's specific search for information about products and/or services. Typical sources include: Websites, blogs, streaming audio and video sources and search optimization.

    Push digital marketing -- Your customers want retrieve information by receiving or viewing information that they choose digitally, such as: Social media, SMS, RSS, emails, etc.

    We provide advanced animation and visualization services to help build your professional image, communicate your ideas more effectively and persuade your audiences. As a stand-alone capability or integrated as part of the larger design solution; the realism of our animation services dramatically enhances product interface work, interactive product catalogs, architectural "fly-throughs," presentations and training materials.

    Our interactive media projects range from multi-media sales catalogs and custom corporate presentations to product interfaces, rich internet applications and software design. EchoViz incorporates user-centered principles throughout the design and development process, including requirements definition, analysis of the user population, navigation and architecture, and iterative testing of the actual solution.

    Web Design
    Our extensive experience in interactive development -- focusing on interface design -- ideally positions our team to create clear, concise and easy-to-use websites. All our development is done to give the user a satisfying online experience.

    Our illustrations, iconography, info graphics, flow diagrams and data visualizations fuse our expertise in drawing, 3D modeling, rendering and visualization techniques, to artistically or photo-realistically depict an idea, intention, object or environment. Your project will come to life before your eyes with our graphical depictions.

    Our exhibits and environments take design into award-winning, three-dimensional spaces at trade shows, demo rooms, training centers, hospitality tents, retail spaces and corporate events. With more than 30-years experience in this industry, we can bring your existing ad campaign or corporate positioning into the world of 3D with an interactive spatial experience that will impress your visitors.

  • It's all about who you know.

    At EchoViz, we're all about interaction (in case you haven't figured that out yet) and community partnerships are a big deal to us for that very reason. We open up our doors to some of the best minds in the industry. That allows us to have a network of services, resources and collective intelligence readily available to harmonize with our own skills. And the vice versa of this story is that we can also send a team to balance other services as well. Essentially, we believe in good work KARMA, if you will. So what you get with us is an extremely well-rounded (one might even say, holistic) service, with lots of focused expertise.

    If your business is interested in exploring collaborative opportunities, give us a call for a lunch date. Michelle gives good lunch.
    "I've used EchoViz as a trusted design resource/partner since they first hung out their shingle. I keep going back because they constantly strive to outdo themselves with each successive project. They are simply the most reliable, creative, trusted, and enjoyable outside resource I have."
    Joel Katzowitz, Design Director

    BTW - Wanna see some of the awesome work that we've done with our partners? Check it out.

    Collective Intelligence

    • Advertising Agencies
    • Computer Programmers
    • Content Strategy & Copywriting
    • Ethnographers
    • Event Marketing Agencies
    • Exhibit Fabricators
    • Graphic Designers
    • Industrial Designers
    • Lighting Designers
    • Metal Fabricators
    • Photographers
    • Product Designers
    • Psychologists
    • SEO & Online Marketing
Lucky Cat
EchoViz resolves to provide you with superior return on investment. Our idea of excellence calls for appropriate technologies that achieve the ideal combination of quality and value for the client. At EchoViz, we also realize that the nature of our work demands that we always provide responsive, attentive service as we strive to offer ideas and solutions that exceed your expectations.

We achieve success by adhering to values that attract the brightest, most energetic, most dedicated talent. To that end, we foster an atmosphere of creativity and encourage every EchoViz team member to contribute to clients' success-and ours. We play to win while reinvesting in ourselves and in our company. We love what we do and will never lose sight of that.

EchoViz shares a core set of values that guide us in business and in life.
Why French Press?
With coffee, like a lot of other things, the more control you have, the better the results will be. We like French Press because we can control the water temperature and the steep time. We like not losing essential oils, lipids and colloids to paper filters. We think these factors really allow us to enjoy the full character of the coffee bean. And we think THAT makes a great cup of coffee. We know it's not the fastest way to brew a cup of coffee, but we think it's worth the wait.

Our Recipe:
Start with a coarse grind to freshly roasted beans. We like Arabica beans and we prefer a burr grinder for our beans.
Add 1-2 tablespoons of coffee for every 8 oz of water.
Bring the water just to the edge of a boil and pour it into the Press. Boiling water can burn the beans so back it off just a notch.
Let the coffee steep for about 4 minutes and plunge.
Wait a minute to allow any sediment to settle out.
Pour and enjoy!
Process Diagrams and Flows
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